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Uherský Brod is a beautiful, historic town located in the foothills of the highest mountain of the White Carpathians, Javořina. The town is also known as a royal town, thanks to its elevation by Přemysl Otakar II, who granted the town this title in the 13th century. An important historical fact, however, is that Jan Amos Komenský, nicknamed the teacher of nations, worked here. Not only was he supposedly born in Uherský Brod, but there is also a local museum dedicated to him.

So what does this royal town and its surroundings have to offer?

Uherský Brod

If you're interested in history, you can explore the town via the Town Monuments Zone Trail, which will show you all the landmarks of the town. The pride of Uherský Brod is, among other things, the Delfín water park, the observatory and planetarium, the theatre, the cinema and the ice rink.

Aquapark Delfín

Swimming pool, entertainment pool, water slide, whirlpool, paddling pool, Finnish sauna, two steam cabins... all under one roof.

Observatory and planetarium

In the Observatory Uherský Brod you can enjoy the evening watching the real starry sky with telescopes. Large telescopes are installed in the observatories, offering the experience of observing both the night and day sky. Tours for the public are led by expert demonstrators.

The digital planetarium, located in the House of Culture, was opened to the public in March 2015. It displays individual objects of the universe as seen from Earth with the naked eye, namely the Sun, the Moon, the planets of our Solar System, stars and some galaxies and nebulae. However, the Starry Sky Simulator also allows you to observe objects that are not visible to the naked eye.


Every month a different theatre performance with well-known actors takes place in the House of Culture in the centre of the town.


A short walk from the town centre is the Máj Cinema. Various films are shown here daily.

Winter Stadium

Do you like skating? Great! Not far from the guesthouse there is a winter stadium where you can skate in the winter months.


Museum, gallery, theatre, cinema, fairs and exhibitions, library, planetarium, concerts, fairs, festivals and Rosary pilgrimage! You will find all this in Uherský Brod.

The Jan Amos Komenský Museum

The museum is housed in a part of the preserved town fortifications from the 14th-16th centuries with a baroque hall dating from 1690-1693. The permanent exhibition Komenský to Humanity, dedicated to the life and work of the eminent native, is complemented by an exhibition of regional history and ethnography.

The Pánský dům Gallery

The gallery is equipped to present all art disciplines and hosts 10-11 exhibitions a year.


The House of Culture hosts concerts of a wide range of genres throughout the year. During the summer months, concerts are also held outdoors.

Rosary Pilgrimage

This pilgrimage is the largest event in the city, with thousands of people coming from far and wide. It is always held in early October. There are always lots of stallholders, Uherský Brod is bathed in the light of colourful lights from the carousels and well-known bands, singers and musicians come to the event.

Gastro Festival

This festival is not to be missed by foodies as they can sample a variety of variations of burgers, spreads, sausages, farm delicacies, to caterpillars, grasshoppers and dishes typical for Asia and Mexico.


The surroundings of Uherský Brod are full of the enchanting nature of the White Carpathians, which is definitely worth a visit.

You will find vast forests full of mushrooms, picturesque peaks of the surrounding hills, and above all numerous flowering meadows full of colourful orchids. The area of the White Carpathians micro-region lies between Velká Javořina and Velký Lopeník. These and other peaks will enchant true hiking enthusiasts.

The well-known spa town of Luhačovice is also worth a visit. Your visit to the Luhačovice Spa and a taste of the healing mineral springs will be perfectly highlighted by a walk to recharge your batteries and the local climate. If you are a fan of walks in nature, whether short and easy or you prefer to go for a proper hike, there are several hiking trails to choose from in Luhačovice and its surroundings. You can read about the specific routes leading through Luhačovice here.

For more tips on hikes, visit the Various trips section or get inspired on the town's website:

Velká Javořina

It takes about half an hour to drive from the guesthouse to the start of the climb. At 970 m above sea level, it is the highest peak of the White Carpathians, located on the border with Slovakia. The landscape full of forests here is truly unique and since 2008 it has been declared a old forest.

The slowest and most frequently used route follows the red hiking trail and starts from the starting point called Kamenná bouda. Two other routes lead to the top. The climb is not too difficult, so even children can take part in it.

Velký Lopeník

It takes about half an hour by car from the guesthouse to the start of the route. Velký Lopeník with its height of 911 m above sea level is the fourth highest peak of the White Carpathians, which also extends over the Slovak border. At the top of Velký Lopeník there is a lookout tower from which there is a magnificent view of the Czech and Slovak landscapes. There are several hiking trails leading to the top, all around 5 km long, and the climb is also suitable for children.


Another option for active leisure in the surroundings of the town is undoubtedly cycling. The cycle paths mostly lead through open countryside with beautiful views, passing through meadows and forests. You can ride along the Baťa Canal, for example, and you won't miss several picturesque villages and valleys.

If you don't want to go too far, we recommend you choose the cycle paths in the towns of Havřice, Újezdec and Maršov.

If you want to explore more of the region, you must not miss the routes in the direction of the spa town of Luhačovice or the enchanting Kopanice. Kopanice has a beautiful landscape full of hills, meadows, traditional crafts and folklore. This area has recently come into wider awareness thanks to the publication of the book Žítkovské bohyně.

Various trips

Uherské Hradiště

Not only Uherský Brod, but also almost neighbouring Uherské Hradiště is a town with a rich history. The town was founded by King Přemysl Otakar II in the 13th century and in 2011 was awarded the title of "Historic Town." In the core lies the town's conservation area with many sights. It is worth visiting the Rochus Open-air Museum, Slovak Museum, Slovak Theatre, Aquapark, or the nearby Monument of Great Moravia. If you are interested in an exhibition of animals made from old, unnecessary iron, visit the Kovozoo in Staré Město near Uherské Hradiště.


Perla Slovácka or the village of kings. Even so, one could call this village famous for the May Ride of the Kings, registered by UNESCO on the list of masterpieces of oral and intangible heritage. Also worth mentioning are the blue-and-white houses called "budy," which are the largest set of heritage-protected vineyard buildings in the Czech Republic. The village is also known for the colorful beauty of its costumes, winemaking and a wide range of folk traditions and customs. In addition, two cycle paths and two hiking routes pass through Vlčnov, through which you can get a glimpse of the traditional way of life.


It takes less than half an hour to get to Zlín, the heart of the Baťa brand. The year 1894 marked the beginning of Zlín's rise, when the city grew with the founding of this famous company. It only began to take its present form in the interwar period with the construction of the Bata houses and skyscraper in a functionalist style, which give Zlín its uniqueness and separateness from all other regional cities. The skyscraper is open to the public, you can take a peek into the office of J. A. Baťa or visit the roof of the building, from which you can enjoy an unusual view of Zlín. The tall building is popularly known as the twenty one. The name implies that it boasts the number 21 and you will find it on the premises of Svit. Zlín also has a municipal theatre, a cinema, a swimming pool, an aqua park or a virtual arena, and plenty of escape games.

ZOO Lešná with a castle

One of the landmarks is the zoo located just outside of Zlín in the village of Štípa. No wonder it is the Czech Republic's second most visited zoo and one of the most popular attractions in the country. There is also a castle from 1893, owned by the Seilern family until the end of World War II.


The place where the goddesses of Žitková lived is less than an hour away. According to local legend, women with special, even magical, powers lived in the village. Around Žítková there is unspoilt nature and the beauty of the original houses.


Within an hour you can reach the spiritual town of Velehrad, one of the most important pilgrimage sites in the Czech Republic. The local Baroque basilica is a national cultural monument and in 1990 St. John Paul II celebrated Mass there.

Archeoskanzen Modrá

A fortification next to Velehrad that preserves the memory of how life was lived in the times of Great Moravia.

Vizovice (Rudolf Jelinek)

In Vizovice, the gateway to Wallachia, you will not only find a beautiful castle (see Castles and Chateaus). The most famous is the Rudolf Jelínek company, which has a tradition of more than four centuries in the production of spirits. The company offers excursions to the fruit brandy production hall.

Kunovice Aviation Museum

In Kunovice in the Uherské Hradiště region you will find a museum with exhibitions documenting aviation history and aircraft production. You can enjoy sport, transport and military aircraft, as well as legendary aerotaxis or other exceptional aircraft with an interesting history.

Are you tempted to experience more?

Zlínsko a LuhačovicskoFind inspiration for trips around Luhačovice, Zlín, Vizovice, Valašské Klobouky, Otrokovice or Uherský Brod on the website of the Zlín and Luhačovice tourist region. Here you will find tips for the best trips and experiences. So discover, explore and enjoy your holiday or trip in the Zlín and Luhačovice region to the full!

Castles and Chateaus

Nový Světlov

A newly renovated Tudor castle located in nearby Bojkovice, a town about 20 minutes away by car.

Slavičín Castle

After a recent reconstruction, the castle boasts, among other things, a beer spa. These should not be missing on your list, you can reach them in half an hour.

Buchlov Castle and Buchlovice Chateau

Buchlov Castle is one of the oldest castles in the Czech Republic and a landmark of the Slovácko region. Below the castle is the important Baroque Buchlovice Chateau. This unique historical complex has been featured in several Czech films, such as The Devil's Bride or The Brave Blacksmith.

Lukov Castle

Just behind the ZOO in Zlín is the now Gothic ruin of Lukov Castle, which still has a preserved pillar bridge and gate.

Vizovice Castle

In Vizovice, you can also visit the architecturally pure Baroque chateau with its rich interiors, where many events take place throughout the year, such as concerts, children's days, exhibitions, night tours or a picnic day in the park.